luni, 15 august 2016

Real Estate Virtual Tours - the best solution

I am working for a huge company, and we have offices in 12 countries and more than 80 cities from Europe, United States and Australia - basically we are one of the major real estate company in the United States and EUrope and maybe we are the biggest on the planet.

And one of the reasons for our success stayis in the way our business are binded toegether regarding the cash flow, regarding the way a certain office is helping another and so on. Basically, if our office from Paris is going to bleed money for a certain amount of time, then the mother company will help it survive, while if a certain office would produce more than needed, they will have their bonuses, but at the same time they will push more money in the common company accounts.

 Well, the things are a bit more complicated than I am telling you the nice story about what seems to be a communist organisation (in fact it is not communist at all, as the money are borrowed and the local company that it is in a bad shape will have to send the money back at a certain point in time).

And there are a lot of small problems with the information technotogy platforms that we are using, as we are trying now to do an unification for all the platforms in order to have anything under the same support, as things would be more organised and a lot cheaper to maintain if for instance everyone would use the same software solutions everywhere.

Folr instance - the Real Estate Virtual Tours software they were using- there were more than 10 solutions, so we evaluated all of them and finally decided to go for the Tour Wizard fue to the fact that it was the best software solution out there, and most effective from a time consuming and support point of view.

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