marți, 8 martie 2016

Escort agency in London

My job is definitely not the best job out there, as there is in fact very boring in certain moments and there are situations where you will be unable to do a lot of things - like telling other persons what you are working there. For instance this was the case when I was doing some marketing services (for a whole week) for an escort agency in London - so imagine how hard it is not to tell anyone what are you actually doing.

So - if you know already, Google does not really like to do adult related advertising, which means that all this industry is a little bit shady from the outside (and from teh inside as well).

There are a lot of of weird thing that happens with the advertising, as there are a lot of different companies that have their own advertising platforms, there are a lot of  different procedures regarding SEO, there is a lot to debate regarding the websites that are offering pretty weird services and so on.

So, doing marketing online for an escort agency in London is definitely a very tough job - and more important than anything, the competition is willing to do things that other companies won't do.

For instance, in the SEO area there are a lot of opportunities due to the low level of optimization for the largest amount of websites in this industry, there are also a lot of opportunities regarding the content that for many niches it is simply not out there and so on.

So... this area can be very interesting as an industry, with a lot of search queries, with a lot of things that could be implemented, but unfortunately it is not always family friendly... so it can be pretty hard to work in this domain of activity.

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