marți, 15 martie 2016

Virtual tours are increasing sales of real estate properties

Being a real estate sepcialist it can be a very hard time - especially with all those people that are calling you to visionate a certain house or apartment. And as this is a part of my job (in fact a very important part of this job) I can't really complain about. But... there are a lot of situations where the people have not understood perfectly how the apartment is compartimanted, or they have not seen all the pictures, or simply they thaught that is is.... different.

So... at the end of the day, more than half of the trips that I am making back and forth with all those potential clients are useless - there is only time that is getting lost.

But... in a Monday morning one of my coleagues found a very intriguing piece of software - the name of that software is Tour Wizard (something developed by some very talented programmers from United Kingdom).

And this great piece of software is basically doing a revolution in this industry, because it allows us (the real estate people) to present our properties to the interested people without having to travel every time at location of the house/apartment - which is great if the ptential clients only want to look.

But after a period we realised that more and more of the peoples that actually visited a certain property actualy purchased that house - which means that this software managed to improve our conversions rating, which is very great for business.

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